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Renting and Property Management

We understand that your property is an income producing asset. It is imperative that we find you the Right Tenant who will care for your property and pay the rent on time, every time.

At Right Place Real Estate

We understand how critical it is for you to find the Right Agent to lease your property. We’d like to make the decision an easy one.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Honest, objective advice
  • The best possible rental return with minimum down time
  • The right tenant with no nasty surprises

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that Landlords often ask. Read on and clarify your queries.

When do I receive my rent?
Landlords are paid monthly and the monies are transferred directly into your nominated bank account.

How often are routine inspections done?
We carry out routine inspections every 6 to 12 months. Information is provided to you in a written report explaining the current state of the property and any action that might be required; if relevant.

When is the rent reviewed?
Rental levels are constantly reviewed in conjunction with the property owner and rent is adjusted if required at the end of each lease term.

Am I contacted about repairs?
Yes, unless you have given us pre-authorisation up to a particular amount, you will always be contacted about maintenance repairs for your constructions.

How are tenants qualified and selected?
We adopt a very strict screening process in compliance with the privacy act. Detailed application forms are completed, including rental and employment history. Details are verified, then credit and rental history is checked via appropriate channels.

What happens if the tenant pays late?
Arrears are followed up daily. Rent is paid by direct debit directly into our office accounts. This helps reduce the possibility of the rent being in arrears.

If, however, the rent is late the procedure is as follows:
Up to 5 days late – A letter is sent and at least 2 reminder calls are placed.
Up to 10 days late – A letter is sent to notify the tenant of impending termination notice and at least 4 phone calls are placed.
15 days late – After seeking instructions from the landlord, a termination notice is sent and legal action will commence.

How long will it take to find a tenant?
It takes an average of 10 – 14 days to find a suitable tenant, provided pricing and presentation are satisfactory.

The power of marketing

We represent your property for rent, with the same care, consideration and representation as we do for properties that we sell; this includes appealing photography, professional copyright and scheduled Open for Inspections with details obtained from every person that walks through your property. We know precisely where and how to market your property in order to secure the best possible tenant for you. You can trust that you’ve come to the Right Place for Property Management.

The art of pricing

When your property first goes on the rental market, it is then that it attracts the highest volume of tenant applications.

A fair price ensures that you attract more of the Right type of tenants. It’s important to understand that when your property is on the rental market it is actually competing with every other rental property on the market at the same time. Tenants will be attracted to the best value for money first. Remember we are forming a relationship with you and the tenant that we hope will last for years. So let’s get the Right Tenant the First Time.